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By finding solutions to the diverse challenges in planning, implementation and support, the engineers at DESIGNA have acquired an extremely large knowledge base. Know ledge that is incorporated into the decisive further development of the existing PARKMASTER 100 product series and into innovations that set new standards concerning flexibility, user-friendliness and networkability.

The optimization of PM ABACUS for the increasingly complex requirements of customers and users is unexampled. At the same time, the system is extremely transparent with an easy-to-understand structure, due to openness as a result of the consistent use of worldwide recognized hardware and software standards. This makes PM ABACUS an economical and optimally scalable solution with a guaranteed future.

Ethernet: The consistent and comprehensive use of the Ethernet standard for all components enables a diversity of networking and access capabilities, such as fiber optics of wireless LAN. The internet integration via Virtual Private Networks (VPN) makes it possible to establish extremely far-reaching networks at a reasonable cost. The system can easily be extended and adapted at low expense.

Linux, Windows and SQL: As an open operating system for the control of device functions, Linux combines absolute investment security with maximum performance. Windows applications on the user end guarantee compatibility and maximum user friendliness. And Microsoft SQL as the database server provides for the uncomplicated and secure integration of your databases.

And the best: PM ABACUS is completely compatible with the PARKMASTER 100 products, despite all these innovative improvements. Because we care about protecting your investments.




Ergodomica Homepage