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Individual parking

SPINSPIN is a non-reversing electro-mechanical gearmotor, suitable for automating car-parks, accesses or private areas. A strong, sturdy bearing structure in steel with cataphoresis treatment, painted with polyester powders. There is also a version with housing and door in stainless-steel sheet.Thre


Retractable bollard

PILOMAT THE FIRST RETRACTABLE BOLLARDPILOMAT products are at the moment the most popular and tested bollards operating in restricted traffic areas and driveways of private and public streets.In 1995 they obtained homologation from the Italian Infrastructures Ministry to be installed on public areas.


YOUR parking.... is YOUR with EASY-PARKEasy-Park is your private access ideal safeguard parking system thanks to its easy working and made of high quality parts.Easy-Park parts are mobile arc with flashing light and base box both in inox (EPXX/I). NOT NEED to ELECTRICAL PLANT Cover in resi

Parking management solutions

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