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Acoustic Doors

Doors are one of the most critical points in the sound – proofing of buildings.

Our single and double leaf sound – proof doors can be used as internal of external door of industrial and residential buildings and for technical rooms whenever there is a need for insulation from loud noise.

In order to achieve the optimum level of noise reduction, in compliance with the specific regulations, special seals and special locks are used.


Door shell: Single and double leaf, made in thick gauge steel, with high performance acoustic seals.

Insulation: Noise insulation material.

Door frame: Steel frame to anchor directly to masonry wall or on suitable structures. Triple rebate perimetrical sections ensure maximum acoustic seal.

Hinges: Special heavy – duty hinges, specifically built to bear the weight of the door, are mounted on thrust bearings and are provided with grease nipples.

Sound – proofing capacity: Evaluation index higher than Rw 40 dB.




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