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Industrial Door Automations

Industrial automatic overhead doors: The ideal solution for all industrial needs

• Best use of transit openings
• Weather resistant
• Maximum safety
Overhead doors offer a range of real and amazing advantages.

Their compact size leaves more available space both inside and outside the premises
overhead doors ensure a better use of inside space as the side runners vertically move the door along the wall and parallel to the ceiling. The doors are installed above the opening, thus ensuring a better use of the transit opening.

Easy and practical to open and operate
Overhead doors slide vertically, stopping in the proximity of the ceiling, they blend in with the architectural features of the building. Their compact size ensures more available space both inside and outside the premises.
More environmental control
Heat insulation and soundproofing ensured by heat-insulated panels improve working conditions on the premises and ensure energy savings.

Light and aesthetically pleasing environments
The panels can also be manufactured with the addition of practical portholes or full aluminium sections featuring polycarbonate or unbreakable glass panels, wire meshing or air grilles.

They add value to the premises and meet all requirements
The design and different solutions offered ensure the door to be aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suited in any architectural environment - from modern and traditional industrial buildings to fine commercial buildings. The doors can meet any industrial and commercial requirement and add value to the building they are installed on.

Industrial overhead door panels are sturdy and ensure high heat insulation and soundproofing.
The galvanized material used and the sandwich type frame effectively protect it from the elements.

SMART - Rapid roll-up action, with interchangeable sections and external motor Industrial flexible doors - SMART

A very flexible avant-garde solution that can be adapted to suit a host of applications.
Smart has been designed with the aim of developing a door that is highly rational and modular, to ensure easier installation and trouble-free operation on component parts.
A sturdy and compact supporting structure, original DITEC motorisation and components, excellent design and full testing along with curtain modularity; these are the features that make Smart a reliable door, with a very refined appearance but, above all, easy and quick to fit and practical to service and inspect.

Technical features
• Self-supporting metal structure.
• Axial gearmotor IP 54 for heavy-duty use.
• Electronic panel IP 55 with autotest function.
• Manual emergency opening device complete with movement rod.
• Safety rib made of extruded anodized aluminium with ACS Anti-crash System in various versions.
• Flexible curtain in self-extinguishing material.
• Extra charge for oven-baked epoxy coating with smooth finish.

High – speed fold-up doors

Simple, sturdy and safe

Energy, the most up-to-date proposal in the field of high-speed fold-up doors. It maintains all exclusive features not only as regards the modular-section flexible curtain and rationality of the components parts, but also as regards compliance with applicable standards.
Simple, compact and easily adaptable to any context, both industrial and commercial, the

Energy high-speed door features the very highest standards of operation and transit in terms of efficiency and safety.




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