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Garage Doors

The modern solution for garage doors.

.......the garage door system with operator as standard

Sectional  door system NovoPort

The following technical features provide a high degree of safety and convenience:

  • Safe anti-pinch protection
  • Reliable automatic switch-off
  • Super-quiet door movement
  • Double door locking
  • Fast unlocking as standard
  • Special emergency unlocking

With “NovoPort®” the garage door and operator are connected together perfectly: the operator is mounted directly on the right or, if desired, on the left upper door track and moves itself backwards and forwards almost silently along a toothed belt and without reducing the opening height.

As with all our door systems, "NovoPort®" also corresponds to international approval regulations and has all relevant certification marks. Of course, “NovoPort®” is tested by the Technical Inspection Agency with regard to the latest European standards.

Technically, a “NovoPort®” has everything as standard that characterises a perfect garage door system. Nevertheless, we have left a lot of scope for individual design wishes; within the extensive Novoferm sectional door programme there are available numerous door types and equipment variants to suit the house style.

ROLLING GARAGE DOORS - Technical secifications:

These doors are ideally suitable for garages, mini storage and shop window protectors.

The rolling garage door can be moved by electric mechanism with infrared control, or by hand crank in case of power failure and electric button.

Plastic stoppers are installed in all types of slat to achieve noiseless function.

Models: Section 5,5cm – Section 7,7cm.

In box or without.

Color: Various colorations.





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