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Loft Stairs & Windows


INLUX/PANTOGRAFO is provided with upper fixing brackets, telescopic handrail putted only in the right side, two top landing handles, stick to open the window and steel lock. The entire length of ladder folds down to that of the trapdoor. It is possible to shorten and lengthen it in accordance with the different heights measures, because it is totally assembled with blocked without rivets. It is ready and available in different standard sizes, both galvanized and white, to satisfy every single need.

Standard Sizes
A        B       C
70    70   280/300
80    70   280/300
90    70   280/300
100  70   280/300
110  70   280/300
120  70   280/300
130  70   280/300

A = length ceiling holl
B = witth ceiling holl
C = heicht floor to foor


Model PLB
The bascule opening window is classic and elegant, characterized by the big handle placed in the upper part, and by the shutter, whose complete rotation allows a complete and easy cleaning of the windowpane staying inside the room. The rotation hinges of the windows are realized in a single fusion with a harmony spring, which allows to keep the shutter in every wished inclination until a maximum of 90 degrees. In the PLB window, like all the other models, the outer pre-assembled covers can be either in prepainted dark brown aluminium or in copper.

Model PLC
Easy to handle is the model PLC with its single top-hinged opening, working thanks to a handle placed in the shutter’s lower part, and through an automatism characterized by gas pistons.
Comfortable and particularly dedicated to people who wants to air rooms, also in case of bad weather. It is always possible to close blinds keeping the window opened.

Model PLV
To satisfy the most exacting customers, proposes the model PLV with double opening (Top-hinged and bascule).
An over-refined and technological device allows with extreme simplicity to choose among the tree openings ways, and to go out on the roof with ease. The openings works with the same mechanism used for the PLB and the PLC models.




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