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SPIN is a non-reversing electro-mechanical gearmotor, suitable for automating car-parks, accesses or private areas.

A strong, sturdy bearing structure in steel with cataphoresis treatment, painted with polyester powders. There is also a version with housing and door in stainless-steel sheet.

Three versions are available: SPIN 3 and 4 for rapid services, and SPIN 6 for large entrances.

Customised release key enabling the barrier to be moved by hand in case of a power cut.

Built-in equipment, including both opening and closing decelerations, plus an anti-crushing safety device (optional item). The S-versions have no on-board equipment.

Quick changeover to right- or left-hand version.

The 24 Vdc versions are recommended in cases of frequent use.


Elegance and easiness in motion

The SIMPLE automated system is an electronic barrier designed for vehicle accesses.

The automated system mainly consists of three parts:
• A motor body which integrates the non-reversing low voltage motor, the control board, the flashing light, the balancing spring and the release system.
• The rod of which several types are available according to installation requirements.
• The securing support, available for on-wall or on-column installation.
The built-in control unit was positioned to facilitate all the wiring, programming and adjustment operations.

A handy manual release, protected by a personalised key, makes it possible to move the rod manually in the event of a power cut.

Complete kit for barrier including:
• 1 Motor group with control equipment
• 1 Foundation plate
• 1 SIMPLE base kit
• 1 Telescopic beam 3 mt.
• 1 “pocket” for telescopic beam


• Genius introduces the new family of low tension barriers RAINBOW

• The ideal solution for high traffic areas or where the barrier operates continuously at certain times of day: parking lots, garage entrances or industrial zones.

Excellent performance and quality

• Rainbow was designed with a particular attention to security and the versatility of use, to ergonomics of the shapes and the design, to the strength of the arm and to the quality of the materials of the load-bearing structure.
Technology and security

• In the Genius barrier a state of the art electronic heart “pulses” with power switching, for the ideal management of the motion of the barrier.

• The presence of a standard encoder allows the detection of an obstacle during movement. RAINBOW barriers, technology at the service of security.




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