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Automations for straight-Line Sliding Doors

DITEC, one of the leading world specialists in automatic pedestrian doors, provides a range of automatic systems meeting all standard application requirements for residential, commercial or industrial environments.

Automatic pedestrian doors - BIS O

Bis is a new series of straight-sliding hi-tech automatic systems for very intensive use.
It is very flexible and reliable and is available in three versions:
  • Bis O, horizontally sliding model with box height of only 100 mm.
Distinctive features.

Special features are:
  • maximum opening speed up to 1.6 m/s with standard capacity in continuous service and up to 260 kg with use of special units of reinforced wheels/carriages.
Bis Model with the overflow system.
  • The Bis Model with the overflow system is also available with an anti-panic function with intrinsic opening that is suitable for escape routes.
  • The product is TÜV approved to meet required standards.
  • These products can be supplied in kits for local assembly by specialists.

The system includes following:
  • Automation with MICRO PROCESSOR
  • Microwave radar entry
  • Microwave radar exit
  • Programmer of movement of door
  • Safety photocells 2
  • Electromechanical lock
  • 2 moving parts (doors), with all essential factory aluminium profiles and gaskets for their support and laminated glass.
  • 2 non moving parts, with all essential factory aluminium profiles and gaskets for their support and laminated glass

REX - Simple and adaptable

Easy assembly and multi-purpose application make REX a widely known automation. The traction unit and the electronic control panel in one block, make assembly time shorter.
Many components are in common with other automations of the DITEC line and this is a sure advantage for our customers.

Installation flexibility

REX is an extremely flexible “system” in that it allows to have various configurations on the basis of specific installation needs.
Indeed, it has a provision for both an aluminium traditional casing and a simple sliding track.

Guaranteed functioning even without electricity

A standard provision for a device with built-in battery ensures functioning even in the event of power failure.

Safe and noiseless

REX is provided with a 24V DC motor, a microprocessor logic electronic control panel, an electronic impact-free device with amplifier, projector and receiver. The casing is made of aluminium extrusion and traction is performed by means of a synthetic toothed belt.
REX, like all the other DITEC automations can come with a complete range of original DITEC accessories for control and safety, in addition to the specific accessories included in the line.


Ditec VALOR automation, fully certified to the highly demanding TÜV standards, is technologically advanced and very suitable for very heavy and continuous usage. As well as ensuring remote and easy monitoring by means of the DMCS (Door Monitoring & Controlling System) which ensures multiple accesses to be controlled, the automation can also be enhanced with a host of devices (anti-crushing, obstruction detection, opening and closing speed adjustment, etc.) making it highly reliable and safe, specially for high volume of traffic. VALOR automations also feature quiet operation, very smart look, and can be installed in a wide range of operating conditions.
As well as being practical, safe, smart, inviting, able to control transit and, for air conditioned areas, highly energy efficient, VALOR offers the most recent innovations in the automatic door industry by providing the latest generation electromechanical components and a special, truly innovative control panel.

Technical features

The following features make VALOR stand out from the rest:

WIDE PRODUCT RANGE: boasting a large number of models
VALOR L: up to 180 kg capacity, with light casing
VALOR B: up to 240 kg capacity, with heavy casing
VALOR N: up to 240 kg capacity, with heavy casing (3 million cycles)
VALOR T: up to 260 kg capacity, telescopic version (3 million cycles)

DISPLAY BUILT IN the HEAD or wall mountable, which:
a) increases the number of adjustments available on the control panel
b) provides information on the total/partial number of operations
c) allows a maintenance alarm to be set
d) displays operating diagnostics information
e) allows a password to be set
f) displays the electronic panel firmware version

BUILT-IN SAFETY SENSORS: all models are fitted with sensors which may be unobtrusively fitted under the guard, a sure aesthetic advantage

AUTOMATIC CLOSING TIME AUTO SET-UP: when the traffic volume increases, the automation automatically increases the automatic closing time

ACCESS OPENING AUTO SET-UP: when the traffic volume increases, the automation automatically switches between part or full door opening modes

ADVANCED ELECTRONICS: new electronic panel featuring:
a) basic adjustments provided as standard
b) built-in photocell amplifier
c) provision for future expansion by providing a PCB controlling the antipanic elasticated device and the “plus” MP1 PCB

QUIET OPERATION: the provision of a vibration proof gasket under the sliding guide on all VALOR models ensures a smoother operation 

SELF-SUPPORTING on all models featuring a heavy casing 

WELL ACCESSORISED: a wide range of batteries can be selected, with emergency or back-up facilities, which ensure a longer operation compared to the batteries supplied with BIS automations; a release system built in the automation (except for the telescopic model) may be combined with a wall mounted manual release 

GUARD/WING DISTANCE ADJUSTMENT: the flexible gasket installed in the guard allows the distance between the guard and the wing to be reduced 

STABILITY of the telescopic version: the weight of the wings in line with the roller suspension ensures greater automation stability.

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