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Revolving Pedestrian Doors

  • Exeo, the expression of art in movement
  • Banks, hotels, prestigious and representative offices require elegant and refined entrances, well integrated in the structural style of the building.
  • To cater for this need, DITEC has created an absolutely extraordinary product: the Exeo revolving door.
  • Clean and elegant lines, a harmonic design and cutting-edge technology are its distinguishing features.
  • A solid and compact structure, featuring very refined safety systems, turns silently, accompanying guests in a courteous and graceful way.
Main features
  • Exeo is a line of doors with circular structure, with internal revolving wings, available in manual or automatic version, with identical structural part.
  • The wings in manual version are push-operated while in the automatic version, operation is by means of a gear motor located in the top part of the structure.
Available door diameters are:
  1. 1800 mm - 2000 mm - 2200 mm - 2400 mm
  2. 2600 mm - 2800 mm - 3000 mm - 3200 mm
  3. 3400 mm - 3600 mm - 3800 mm - 4000 mm

Standard heights are:

  • of access opening 2200 mm
  • of roof 190 mm
  • total 2390 mm

The basic version, both manual and automatic, features:
  • 3 or 4 wings
  • 5+5 mm curved outer glass panels
  • 4+4 mm wing glass panels
  • standard RAL colour finish or in anodized aluminium.

The automatic basic version, besides the features of the manual version, also has 2 anti-shearing sensors.

The door consists of three fundamental structures:
  • one fixed supporting structure
  • one moving structure
  • one upper part
The fixed supporting structure is made using aluminium profiles of the DITEC Pam 35 series, with curvature that varies according to the required diameters.
The curved glazing is made of unbreakable glass (5+5 mm) with 0.75 mm PVB.
The structure is fastened to the floor by means of special anchors.
The moving structure consists of a central coated-steel supporting unit fastened rigidly to the floor.

The 3 or 4 wings, fastened to the central support, are made of Pam 35 aluminium profile and 4+4 mm unbreakable glass with 0.38 mm PVB.

They are made so that, in case of accidental breakage of a glass panel, this can be very easily replaced.




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