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Fire Curtains

We have based our supply only quotation on our FC240 gravity fail safe system which is certified to BS 476: Part 22 as well as Australian, German & Spanish Standards.

The complete system is rated up to 4 hours at 1000º C. The curtain fabric for this project will have a 1 hour rating.

The automatic roller mechanism is housed in a galvanised mild-steel head box which is normally bolted to the fabric of the building. Access panels will be required to allow future maintenance if the box is to be hidden.

The head box dimensions will be:
Single roller systems - 180mm².

Operation is by a Group Control Panel which can control up to 6 no. 24v motors. The GCP will be supplied with an integral battery back up.

The GCP should be mounted adjacent to the fire curtain head box within the ceiling void and access for maintenance must be available.

Each GCP requires a local 240v ac supply rated at 3 amps via an unswitched fused spur on a maintained supply.

For operational purposes the GCP must be connected to a normally-closed volt-free contact within the fire alarm control panel (open on fire).

The roller motors, which are 24 volt d.c., require to be wired from the GCP in a ring main not exceeding 100 metres in length and in 2.5 mm² twin and earth cable. The motor control circuit is housed in a remote enclosure which should be positioned onto the motor end of the head box.

The curtains automatically descend under the power of gravity upon receipt of a signal from the fire-alarm panel and automatically retract when the signal is removed.

The lower edge of the curtains will incorporate a twin inverted, steel angle finished in a black etch primer which acts as a weight bar to enable the curtain to unwind upon receipt of a signal from the fire alarm panel, helps to stabilise the curtains and provides a stop against the underside of the head box.

Galvanised steel side guides complete with our fabric retaining mechanism will be supplied to form a fire seal between the curtain fabric and the structure of the building.




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