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Fire Shutters


The fire-resistant roller shutter is a specialized construction of metallic roller shutter made from such materials so that the construction will present a specific coefficient or fire-resistance of 60 minutes when the shutter is closed, which is certified according to the European standard EN 1634 - 1 2000. The door has passive fire protection devices and will close to the floor automatically in case of fire.

These devices are:

Connectivity with fire detection system, if there is any installed. The fire detection system closes the roller shutter. A prerequisite is the presence of electricity at that time, and the smooth operation of the detection system. This provision is optional.

Automate thermal unbolting

It is a mechanical device attached to the motor brake of the roller shutter, which is controlled by a receptor - a chemical ampoule that breaks and destroyed when the temperature reached at 68 ° C. Then, the brake is released and the roller shutter is lowered to the floor naturally by its own weight and with constant speed. This device is mandatory and can not be put off by any means. When is activated, this device will fully close the roller shutter and there is no way to remove this energy. The only way to open the shutter is to replace the chemical sensor and to place the activation arm to its original position. This device is completely independent, autonomous and operates in any position of the roller shutter without the presence of electricity.




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